All New 4K Time-Lapses!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on my time-lapse videos. There are quite a few that I have done recently, and I think that they are improving in quality finally. I had noticed that the focus on the first ones could have been better as well as the interval time between photos. Anyways, if you aren't already sick of all of them here are some of the new ones I have completed!

This one was taken on a very windy day as the clouds were moving in as part of a storm system. The majority of the storms actually missed the area and the sky cleared up almost instantly after I packed up from finishing shooting for this video.

This is of a sunset where I did an auto exposure to keep up with the extreme variety of light that occurs at this part of the day. The bright beginning of the video with an abrupt change to darkness is not a fade out that I did in post processing. This occurred naturally as the auto exposure of the camera failed to keep up with the conditions. I was happy with the end result though nevertheless!

This was shot at night just as some rain was moving in. At the end of twilight so there was still some light and color in the sky. It began to rain as I put the camera away for this one so it was a stroke of luck that I didn't leave it out in the rain for a minute or two. 

This looks like it was taken during the day, but it was another night time-lapse of the clouds. Things shot at night with a bright day like exposure are so interesting to me because it is something we can't see with our own eyes. To be able to capture them and share them in photos and video is fantastic to me. Video is, of course, my favorite of those two mediums even though it is the more tricky and time consuming one!

This last Time-Lapse is the most recent one as I finally got another clear night to shoot the stars. The video turned out so well and I saw some shooting stars show up as well which was very exciting! I am planning on trying to capture the milky way before I have to leave for Italy in June and hopefully this week will give me that opportunity as it looks to have a couple clear nights ahead. Anyways, look forward to another post on Wednesday as I continue creating content!