Environmental Sustainability

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    The idea of people being more environmentally minded is something I would like to work towards through my photography. This sort of idea was rooted in Nazi Germany of all places as the people sought to protect the land and wildlife as a form of nationalism rooted in their landscapes. In today’s world, the Nazi’s ideas and practices on protecting public lands and animals would be seen as very progressive. They required re-planting of forests using a wide variety of trees and plants to ensure a healthy ecosystem, and the Nazi party effectively banned experimentation on animals.

    This is not to say the Nazis were good. They clearly were not, but it is interesting to see what aspects of society are rooted from the most unexpected of places. Ecofascism is a term used to describe the potential that future governments of the world may prescribe extreme measures to protect the environment. It is a derogatory term deeply connected to the post WWII world where Nazi Germany and all of its ideas were inherently evil. 

    “Blut und Boden” or “Blood and Soil” was the central slogan of the Nazi party and it showed in many ways. One of these was through an expression in fine art, especially in landscapes. This is an extreme example of nationalism to be sure. However, I would argue that while the vast majority of Nazi Germany was horribly awful there is a redeeming quality in ensuring the land you are entrusted to is kept alive and well.

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    Seeing this from a different angle it becomes more clear. Strip 'Ecofascism' away from Nazi Germany and all other negative connotations. We all need these natural lands. Being good stewards of the land is not a political choice, it is a responsibility of everyone regardless! We should celebrate our environments as residents of this planet where our choices have a direct impact on its sustainability. 

    Anyways, thank you for listening to the ramblings of a landscape photographer that paid too much attention in his World Languages and Cultures class focused on topics in Global Sustainability in college!