How to be "the best" landscape photographer!

    We all aspire to be the best landscape photographers out there. As one of the greatest landscape photographers of all time myself, I am prepared to give you some ‘great’ tips for improving yours! So, take all of my advice you are about to receive and apply it to what you do today. ;) 

-Obsess over gear and be proud of your G.A.S.

    Real landscape photographers don’t take photos all that often. Everybody knows this though. There are lies out there saying it is because of marketing, teaching, etc…The real truth is that we masters of landscape photography are obsessing over the latest and greatest gear. We are combing over the rumor mills to check in on what is coming up so that we are always using the best because we are after all the best! Then once a new kit comes in the mail we take photos of it and brag online about it.

-Overanalyze post-processing tutorials

    I call this spying on the competition. It is a necessary part of being sure that nobody has caught up to your skills. I liken it to the spying done during the Cold War by the Russians and the United States. I always keep my feelers out for what is going on among the plebeians.

-Go to the same iconic locations everybody else does

    When I finally do go out with my kit I have to prove my mastery of the craft by constantly visiting the most iconic locations in order to take the same images others have before me, only way better. This shows my dominance of everyone else through taking a picture of a neat thing somewhere with my superiority complex - I mean superior gear!

-Claim to be inspired by Ansel Adams

    Just like any other great landscape photographer we are inspired by the one and only original master. If you are inspired by anyone else it is just lying to yourself. Ansel Adams is the one acceptable to look up to!

-Watermark your images obnoxiously

    If you don’t have a giant watermark across your image it will get stolen. Well, if it is any good. My photos would probably get stolen all the time if it weren’t for the giant beautiful watermark in it. Make sure your watermark is either in cursive or large bold font with a logo. Bonus points if you do both!

-Study everyone else’s work of a location in order to copy it.

    I sometimes will see something someone else did that is ok. It is then my duty to perfect it by doing the exact same thing at the same spot. That way, I will show them and everyone else how good I am because everything is a competition in landscape photography!

-Not make any money: like a real artist

    I should admit that I haven’t made any money doing this yet. I just haven’t been realized yet for my talent. This is a part of the process though because I have priced my work where it belongs among Leonardo DaVinci and Monet. One day…one day… I swear I’m not delusional!!!

P.S. This is a joke. Just being a little facetious!