Photoshoot with Alexis!

It is always easier to get great images when you know the subject really well. I was able to focus on the lighting and composition more because everything else was super easy! Needless to say, I couldn't be happier with these photos!!!

I really love the location I was able to use for this. It is literally my current backyard!!!

P.S. I really like the Randy shirt she is wearing!

I couldn't use a full sized umbrella because of the wind, so I used a light on a stand with a small circular beauty dish style diffuser on top!

The photos are meant to be used as marketing material showing off the smaller styles from LuLaRoe for LuLaRoe Dani Wilgus. If you haven't checked out her on social media you definitely should! The clothes are really great too :) 

Thank You for Reading!!!!