Photography's Big Secret

So, having been doing photography for the last couple of years there have been a lot of things I have learned. The theories, techniques, and ideas that revolve around photography are a whole different world. The gear acquisition syndrome (G.A.S.) I have picked up over time with the ever increasing investment into new things has revealed something interesting that most people don’t realize.

You don’t need it!

There is a purpose for each item of gear in my bag or any other photographer’s bag for that matter. We use tons of equipment that costs quite a bit. It helps, but it is NOT necessary to have the 'best' gear out there to create interesting things.

When it comes to making great photography it requires a camera and an eye and a brain. Two out of three things you need are not gear-oriented. What I invest most of my time into is figuring out how to create beautiful images with what I have. The techniques, processing, planning, timing, skill, and everything else around pressing the button on the camera can be improved without spending money on new gear.

Photography’s biggest secret is that the gear is not what makes the picture. The “big expensive camera” won’t make your photos great. Good photography has been around for over one hundred years. You need to know how to use the gear properly in order to get the most out of it as well as having a developed eye for composition, lighting, and processing to find true success. It takes a lot of time studying and practicing everything. There isn’t luck involved in great consistent photography.

So, put in the time to be great just like one does in athletics, music, gaming, etc... Whatever you do in life requires lots of practice to be successful and some talent. Learn the basics, push the limits of your gear, and once you see your current gear holding you back it is then time to upgrade your equipment. THAT is the best advice I can give to any aspiring photographer amateur, pro, aspiring, and whatever else in any field.