When in Rome!

I made it off of Sicily and to the incredible city of Rome!

Some of my fellow travelers (actually all of my group if you look closely) pausing for a quick photo by the Colosseum!



The Colosseum was absolutely not a disappointment as large as it is and ancient construction is all fantastic to marvel at.

I had to take a jumping photo at some point on the trip and this was a great place to do just that!

The area inside the Colosseum was great too even though we had to wait in a long line for a half hour to get inside it was all worth it as it felt like we were waiting to see an event like the Romans did thousands of years ago.

We were definitely entertained while at the colosseum as if Russell Crowe were asking!

We only spent around a half hour inside the actual Colosseum because we had to move on to the Vatican on the other side of the river and catch a metro to get there. The metro is a cheap underground way of exploring the city quickly.

This archway was an impressive piece to find next to the Colosseum, but I don't know its significance.

We did go to the Roman Forum after leaving the Colosseum and before going to the Vatican.

The ruins were neat, but they might have been better had we not been in such a hurry.

For being in Rome for just a day though it was enough time to enjoy them!

On our way to the Vatican we stopped for a quick bite to eat on the street, and shortly after we found a way of getting inside the walls more quickly to explore. 

St. Peters Basilica

St. Peters Basilica

Getting inside a half hour early helped us with being able to spend the rest of the day seeing ancient marvels and then relaxing and enjoying the streets of Rome and their hidden treasures for a few hours.

We had some of the best gelato I think I will ever have from this place by the river that was little known had I not used this app on my phone to find it.

We left half of our group in the Vatican as we went separate directions to explore. Coming back, we were able to truly experience the size of the Vatican's presence in Rome and how impressive it really is.

The walls are massive and they surround the entire Catholic city.

Inside the museum (which is something like the second largest in the world) it is both modern and ancient mixed together for an interesting experience.

The outsides of the buildings are both beautiful and odd. The courtyards are as expansive as the buildings are themselves.

There was a whole exhibit on Egypt with the Catholic Church's prized possessions from that part of history.

They even had real mummies on display here which was an incredible sight!

Egyptian art and history is just so interesting and slightly creepy that I think this convinced me to visit some day.

There were plenty of beautiful views from the Vatican to check out!

The last thing we checked out was the Pantheon. The Trevi Fountain was under construction while I was there, but I did get to throw a coin in anyways!



The day came to a close and it ended up being a great trip to an unforgettable city!

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