Why Sony batteries SUCK

Warning: Gear Related Post!!!

So, this is just going to be a 'quick' post as there isn’t much here to explain. Sony cameras operate as mirrorless cameras. Their alpha series is designed to be small, lightweight, compact, and advanced cameras. There happens to be an innate flaw in this design that many Sony photographers complain about and non-Sony users state as a major flaw.

Their batteries suck fast as in they don’t last as long on a charge as their Nikon and Canon counterparts do. The reasons for this are two-fold. Just to save your time here they are in two quick bullet points!

·      Live View always being on

·      Small design forces a small battery


Here is a little more of an explanation of what is going on. First, the live view issue is really a big deal. My Nikon D750 lasts a fraction the amount of time with live view on compared to leaving it off when shooting. I use the mirror to see my images most of the time, but the Sony mirrorless cameras are forced to leave the sensor on all the time the camera is on to supply a live view image of what you are shooting.

This is a huge drain on battery no matter what camera you are using, but it is worst for mirrorless because they have no alternative. The Sony alpha full frame cameras also have to support the larger sensor being supplied with power which is an even larger drain compared to their other mirrorless competitors.

The other issue with the Sony full frame mirrorless is the size. It is a huge benefit to the system, but it holds the camera back on the battery life. The actual power supply from a Sony battery is about half that of a Nikon or Canon one. These two issues combined make the Sony a bit of a feat when it comes to what they actually do achieve with these two variables against them. So, there you have it. That is why Sony batteries suck! (note: I’m not attacking Sony just stating the facts and why they are the way they are.)