Black and White Edits

Late last year, I was on a trip through the southwest USA. I shot these photos, edited them on the road, and uploaded them to the site. Recently, I decided to take a look back at those files, and I did some black and white edits of them. What I ended up with may actually be better than what I initially came up with!

Grand Canyon:

The color version above brings out the evening setting sun as the reds radiate throughout. Below, the black and white has an entirely different mood to it. The detail punches through the image as the deep thick blacks bleed through the clouds and shadows. I really love what comes out in both edits, but I really believe the black and white will make an even better piece of wall art!

Horseshoe Bend:


A similar story exists here as the color edit of Horseshoe Bend has dazzling oranges in the canyon walls contrasting the green hues of the river and vegetation below. The black and white image's mood is more epic feeling as the drama and size and brilliance of Horseshoe Bend almost reaches out of the screen to pull you into the scene!

So, what I think I am going to do is edit plenty more old photos into black and whites as well as shots in the future. Because it is clear to me the best edits aren't always in color. 

One last thing. Thank you for your time reading this blog and visiting my website. You are what keeps me going every day to create images and all this content on a regular basis. If you need or want anything I would love to have your comments and recommendations. Send me an email at or via any of my social media channels at any time!

Thank you again for your attention!!!