Take time for your ‘zen’ and be selfish

– Do something every day that makes you happy

        This is kind of a broad topic, but it is an important one. It is broad because I can’t tell you exactly what your “zen” is. It could mean sitting back and watching a show. It could mean going to the gym and working out. Whatever your “zen” is it is the single most important part of your day.

       I love helping people in the most selfish of ways. It is MY oxygen (thanks garyvee for the idea) to support others. I do this through creating imagery in different ways. Seeing my clients get excited and smile about what I create for them is the best feeling! It isn’t the only part of my business that I have to work every day, but it is a solid 10%.

       Nobody can do things they hate all day for forever. It will drive you mad! Even if you do one full day of things where you are unhappy there needs to be time to do something more natural for you. I made it part of my job, but most won’t do this because it might not be as enjoyable. Just find something fun to do and do it every single day!

       All this aside, it is my ‘zen’ to do photography. That is why I can put in full 12-18 hour days of working around photography and my business. If you work a day job or are a student you might not love what you do. Take time to recharge and get back into life with laser focus. It is the only way to really thrive in this busy and crowded world.