Creative Voice

    When starting out in landscape photography it is easy to get caught up in the middle of it. What I mean by that is many start out looking to document what has been tried and done again and again. Looking at other’s work and replicating what you see online and in galleries. 

    The problem is that it isn’t very fulfilling to reproduce the same art again and again. The best painters from the Renaissance didn’t just recreate what they saw. Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello all did amazing work taking down Shredder… Errr not quite. They created ground-breaking art that pushed the boundaries and defined their legacy.

    We can all start out by learning the basics and doing what is known. In order to grow as an artist, though it takes something more personal and a real connection to what you create. I find my creative voice through very specific things in nature and that tends to become narrowed further with each time I venture out. 

    Today, I love to photograph moving water, whether it is a glacial river, waterfall, or coastal scene they are hard to beat. While this has been a staple of my work over the last year I am seeing a transition to shooting more and more intimate scenes that would otherwise be overlooked. Trees and smaller parts of the landscapes that I can pick out by getting really close whether with my feet or a longer focal length. These two parts of my photography I feel make me who I am right now as a photographer.