Small Edition Prints

    When it comes to creating fine art there is something innately special about a piece to qualify initially. Beyond being just beautiful there is another important part of creating valuable art today. In a world where images are shared all the time and can be reproduced an infinite number of times there is something even more special about a limited availability.

    This is where small editions come in to make an even bigger value add to prints. This is through the idea of scarcity and that if the same image is distributed too many times it loses a lot of its value as a piece of fine art. Collectors want something that is rare and limited to a small number of editions in existence. Ideally, a collector could get something as a single edition or “original” creating the most potential to rise in value because they then control its entire supply.

    In the end, it is economics at a very small scale, and for that reason and others of my own I have decided to create a limited edition of each of my images of only 42. This is considered to be a quite small number as anything under 100 is a reasonable run. You might be wondering right now “why the number 42?” and that is because it is the answer to life, the universe and everything. Basically, I am a total geek…

    Other than that, I like the idea of keeping my prints limited to runs because I enjoy creating something new on a regular basis. I don’t necessary think that the older work I have created is inferior to the new. It is more of a creative motion that is natural for me to move onwards from what I created yesterday and a limited edition creates a natural bridge between my creative self and how the business operates in conjunction. It forces me to create and refine my own vision as yesterday’s work sells out.