Montreal and Inclement Weather

We got to the French-Canadian city late in the evening again with little to no time to sleep before getting up for another sunrise. We stayed in downtown Montreal close to the Mount Royal. We had to climb up the large hill early the next morning to capture sunrise over the city. 

Unfortunately, the city woke up to snow pelting the ground. There was a good inch or so of fresh snow we had to add to the difficulty of walking up the steep hill. There was about 600 foot climb up to the viewing point over the city. It took about a half hour to get to the top, but by the time we got there we realized it would not be the shot we had hoped for. 

Instead of the sky being a bright color, and the city being a shining gem it was all covered in about 50 shades of grey… The snow and clouds combined to crush all the colors out of the city. We took photos anyways of the scene to prove we were there. After that, we explored the city more to find the shopping underground and the historic district. Montreal is most certainly French as everything is in French. They even have slightly different traffic laws to the rest of Canada! 

The Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal was the last place we explored in the city. It looks authentic on the outside, and on the inside it is gorgeous! The intricate details as well as the vibrant colors combine to create a magnificent scene. Walking around for a half-hour there were plenty of others either taking photos, praying, or a combination of the two. 

We left Montreal for our most northern city shortly after Notre-Dame Basilica. Quebec City is only a couple of hours away, but it took until after dark to arrive, and we took some sunset photos down by the river along the route.