Quiet Quebec City

We got to the city late in the evening to check in at the Fairmont Hotel which is a historic building within the walls of the old city. Quebec City was built back in the late 1600’s, and the Chateau Frontenac which is now the Fairmont Hotel was built in the late 1800’s. The walls of the citadel face to the east towards the opening of the St. Lawrence River towards the Atlantic Ocean. 

The night we arrived, we went out to get dinner at one of the local restaurants. We looked at a bunch of the options, and settled with a pasta place a block or two from the hotel. The atmosphere was amazing with a guy playing an accordion while singing in French. The staff was courteous to us, and the dinning experience was very European. 

The next morning we got up early to capture yet another sunrise. The hotel actually makes for great photos, so that’s what we did! The warm sun hitting the side of the historic building in Quebec City was a really nice treat. After that, we went down beyond the walls of the city close to the bay. There is a small shopping district that has really great places to get breakfast. I had the best French toast I have ever had here! It is very touristy here which makes the prices of things very expensive. We saw a coat being sold for $4,000! I stuck to my macaroons again.

We left the city to see the falls to the northeast really quick before moving on to Maine. We had to cross the boarder back into the states which took longer than expected, but we made it to Portland, Maine before it was too late!.