Shot Lists Tip - Example

Photography Quick Tip:

Create a shot list of essential images to capture on your photoshoots or trips to make sure you have a focus. These will both make sure you plan ahead on what you want to get before you get there and give you a higher chance of coming home with something you like. Planning ahead for these photos will also help you know what gear you will need to be taking out, look at locations to be at, and the timing you will need to get what you want.

Road Trip West:

  • Shot List: May West Coast Trip
  • Grand Tetons with lake
  • Jackson Barn
  • Yosemite Half Dome from Glacier Point
  • Yosemite Tunnel View
  • Three Brothers Reflection in water
  • El Capitan with stream
  • Bodie Ghost Town?!? 
  • Golden Gate Bridge w/ foreground interest (Marshall Beach?)
  • Golden Gate Bridge w/fog (Marin Headlands?)
  • Golden Gate Bridge from Battery Spencer for high perspective
  • Point Reyes Lighthouse Sunset
  • Hollywood Sign  
  • Zion from Scouts Lookout
  • Zion Narrows
  • Bryce Canyon's structures
  • Horseshoe Bend