"The Best New 'Lens' - Rant"

- Get a new 'lens' through traveling and getting a new perspective.

       There are lots of great lenses out there for every system. I know of one that is going to create better photos for you every time no matter what camera system you are currently using. Traveling to new places is the best new ‘lens’ you could ever put money into!

       Buying equipment will get you just that – better equipment. It is fairly likely that the equipment you have is not being fully utilized. That new lens is not going to make you a better photographer. You won’t be instantly better at taking photos because you paid $2000 on your new 70-200. I love gear just as much as the next guy, but I also understand that knowing how to use that gear to get everything out of it is more important.

       Most people get into photography through traveling to places or seeing people they want to take photos of. You take a few that you like a lot, show some people, and then you are hooked. I did this. A trip to Greece two years ago hooked me on photography as I traveled with a camera I had bought for making videos with. It was incredible to experience as I got up to capture sunrises on a once in a lifetime trip!

       My recommendation is to go back to what made you love photography. Learn techniques that grow your ability as a photographer, and take advantage of the equipment you have. There are ways to increase your resolution, cleanness, bokeh, etc without having to buy new lenses or cameras. It is crazy to think about how far you can go with a couple thousand dollars on a trip compared to spending it on a lens you have to stay at home and play with.

       Go somewhere and take beautiful photos while you are there. Somewhere that inspires you like Colorado, Italy, Florida, Iceland, etc... it doesn't matter! Come home with stories and photos you can print and hang on your walls. Make it a trip of a lifetime! Put items up in your portfolio to show to people and clients. Who knows, maybe someone will pay for what you create and you’ll have the money to buy that lens!