Why I re-visit old photos.

I shoot RAW in my camera which means I have to edit photos to make them sharable. Out of the camera there is very little color, contrast, etc. So, when I do a big trip and take a bunch of photos there is a lot of work to do on the computer to make the photos into finished jpegs. So, I will usually pick an amount I can handle and leave the rest for later. 

I took these photos over the summer as I was traveling on the weekends and only had a little time during the week on my time off to edit photos and do everything else I needed to do. So, now that I am back from Italy and settled into Iowa life again there is time to go through the ones I never gave as much attention. I did share a nice photo from Aci Trezza earlier in the summer, but these two never got the same amount of work that they clearly deserved!

There are also the ones that I missed completely when selecting my favorites the first time around like this one from Rome. Even if the photos don't apply to either of those two criteria of being missed the first time around or not having enough time there is another reason to look at your photos again. As you learn new techniques and skills for editing or as technology develops you can do more and more to bring your old photos to life. 

I hope you enjoyed these images, and you have a better idea as to why you might want to save your RAW files in the future for revisiting them later.